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What to Expect From 2017’s Logo Designs?

2017 logo-design expectation

In the prevalent information age, world of business is evolving at rather quicker rate and in turn its visual identity. The designs that were famous few years back is no longer even used nowadays. Widespread use of technology is making it simpler for businesses to find a place in any particular market. Customers just need a glimpse to make their mind what brand they would prefer. Following are the most trendier logo styles:

The simple lines as exhibited below has been in trend for quite some time now and will continue to appeal to customers being plain and artistic.

flat logo design

Designers have been searching for ways through which logo reflects the values of their target market. Consistent use of negative space is one way of doing it. It drives the viewers to search for hidden meaning in the logo design.

dog and cat logo

Some designs challenge the intellectual capability and are built for those who love to make use of their brain. They reflect the artist’s creativity and represents bold usage of a font to convey any message.  The underline concept is not to make it in a way that would be easy to guess for intended target audience. Symbolic representation has been famous for quite some time now but design should not be built to outfox the viewers otherwise they would be left confused.

Saturday sexy times

Wire locked logos have also been famous for consumers who need a sense of security and loyalty. It’s always refreshing from customer’s point of view to know that all your needs are well taken care of.

logo design trends 2017

Hand written designs have always been appreciated due to being simple. It creates a personality out of a brand’s logo and customers perceive the brand as being more trustworthy and faithful.

Salt organic beauty

Sometimes logos are changed periodically to reflect the underline change in brand philosophy. Designers are given this challenging task of coming up with a new design which could really be taxing.

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