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Upcoming Trends for Social Media Marketing

Social Media Trends

With over 1 billion new users and over 1/3 of the world’s population becoming accessible due to social networks, Social Media Marketing has become a serious contender when it comes to the world of marketing. For years now we have seen companies and brands sticking to the traditional mediums of marketing however, recent reports show that Social Media Marketing has become one of the biggest influencers out there.

More and more brands are realizing that Social media marketing not only proves to be an effective way to reach out to their target audience but it also goes a long way in building a community of users and creating brand loyalty amongst them. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the trends which we can expect to see in the upcoming years in regards to Social Media Marketing:

Things Will Become More Visual
Nowadays, social networks are going “live” by adding and launching their own version of live streaming. With Facebook’s Live to Twitter’s Periscope; social networks are realizing the importance of staying updated through Live streaming. It is gaining so much popularity that the recent US elections were even broadcasted live.

It Will Be More Personal
With so many users getting pretty tired of facing ads and commercial content, brands are now focusing their marketing investments on providing their target audience with content that is more personalized and would reach out to them more effectively.

Brand Advocacy Will Grow
Did you know that investments in advocate marketing has seen a huge increase recently? That is because ad saturation is making the brands search for alternative means in order to reach out to their target audience and hence, social media has helped in that front by creating a community of employees, social fans and customers who are acting as micro-influencers for brands.


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