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Tips That Will Help You Find Wonderful Content for Your Social Media Calendar

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Let’s face it – finding new and original content to share on your social media can be a tiring task. Constantly having to find and share content that is relevant, thought provoking and at the same time, will engage your followers is not easy – in fact it gets tiring. While some social media managers like to be spontaneous with their posts, there are others who like to stay more organized by creating a postings calendar. In that calendar, they plan out the posts they will be sharing over the next couple of weeks and plan ahead for relevant content accordingly.

Which is why we have rounded up some of the best sources for you to find engaging topics to beef up your social media content.

  • Your Company’s Blog

You want solid content for your social media? Why not turn to your company’s blogs for topics. This will accomplish two things: one you will be promoting your own company’s blog posts on social media and the second, when you share the link of the blog with your followers you are basically driving them to your company’s site rather than someone else’s.

  • Pinterest
    Pinterest still remains one of the best places to find topics for your interests. By following Boards of the topics that interest you, Pinterest then shows you updates (feeds) of the content that they create, which you can then share to your social media.
  • Buzzsumo
    Want to know which sort of content is best for your business? Buzzsumo is a great online tool that allows you to search for content that best performs for each business. All you need to do is search for keywords that relate to your business and it will show you blog posts results from which you can take inspiration from or share on your social media.
  • Take a look at the analytics
    Not sure whether certain content would work or not? Check out the analytics for your social media page to see which content was the one that was most liked by your followers. This will give you an insight of the type of content that people like so that you can share on your social media page.
  • Industry trends and news
    Looking to curate content for your site? Check out some of the best blogs of your industry and see the type of content they regularly post. This will give you not just good material to read through but would also help you to create more interesting topics and content for your own social media page.


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