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Tips And Tricks To Design Business Labels That Sell More Products

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Who doesn’t love stickers? With their fun and cute designs, they are a favorite for people of any age. But did you know that businesses can use these stickers or rather labels to help sell more products? Believe it or not, a simple addition of a well designed sticker/label can make all the difference when it comes to attracting a customer.

Aside from being an element to attract customers, they are also a great way to promote a business and its products. However, before you get all excited and start designing a whole portfolio of stickers/labels, keep the following tips and tricks in mind to help you create ones that help sell more products for your business.

  1. First things first – the design. That is the most important aspect you need to look into because, well if your design is not right then there is no point. Having said that, you need to make sure that the image you choose is higher in contrast because these tend to be cleaner and have brighter colors.
  2. A lot of designers tend to forget the ‘Bleed’ area and that is very important when it comes to printing. What it will do is that it will help in preventing slivers of white around the edges of your design – so keep at least 1/8 inch in your design.
  3. Keep in mind the material which you will be using for printing the stickers. As it is with paper stocks, there are a wide variety of sticker or label stocks that are available and they each differ in appearance when used.
  4. Keep the sticker/label design as simple as possible because the simpler the design the more vibrant they will be, which will help in gaining more attention.
  5. Using the right color combinations makes all the difference on the appearance of a sticker.
  6. Since stickers are printed, to ensure that you get the exact color representation that is portrayed on your screen use CMYK colors instead of RGB.
  7. Keep the resolution in mind when you are designing because if you have a file that is small but you are getting large print sizes, then it will result in poor quality stickers and vice-versa. We recommend using a print file of 35 Dots Per Inch (DPI).
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