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Think Again: SEO Is Not Just For Big Businesses

SEO for small business

So you think that being the owner of a small business, you don’t really need SEO? Think again! SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is actually beneficial to a small business more than you think. Read on to know how an effective SEO strategy can benefit your small business and can lead to its growth.

Getting Down To The Basics

First things first, before we can go ahead with the benefits, one must get a general idea of how SEO works. SEO is actually divided into two groups: On page SEO and Off page SEO. On page SEO is exactly that – it includes everything that is on your page from the words to the HTML tags – all the text content that you have control over. While Off page SEO consists of everything off the page, meaning all the links that direct traffic to your website – an important thing to remember about this is that though you do not have complete control over this, you do have a certain degree of influence.

Benefits Of SEO

Now that you have a better idea of SEO, let’s see how it can help your small business to grow amidst all the competition.

  1. SEO is a great way to ensure growth of your small business by finding new customers. An effective SEO strategy is a great way to ensure better rankings on search engines and the websites that are ranked higher on these tend to be the ones that users click on more often. Therefore, the better your rankings, the more traffic it will result on your site, leading to new customers and overall growth.
  2. Despite what the name suggests, the intent behind SEO is not only to increase rankings of the site but to also improve the overall user experience. Therefore, SEO implementation on your website will result in the content of your website to not only be more relevant to what the user is looking for but would also improve the overall quality of content on your website.
  3. A website that has been optimized for SEO results in higher conversion rates (visitors becoming loyal customers after visiting your website) because such sites are compatible with devices such as tablets and smartphones.
  4. SEO actually gives you a certain edge over your competitors – think about it: two competitor websites, one with SEO strategy implemented and one who doesn’t implement SEO, which site do you think will rank higher on the search results? The one with SEO of course! Therefore, in order to stay ahead of the competition, it is essential to devise and implement an effective SEO strategy.
  5. And of course, an effective SEO strategy will result in the overall awareness of your business. How so you might ask? Well, two reasons: first, majority of the users tend to limit their search to only the first three to four pages of the search results and not more than that and the second reason being that websites that are displayed in the top of the search results, tend to be the ones with the highest “click-through” rate.

Now that you have a better understanding of how SEO can benefit your small business, invest some time into developing a strategy that would increase your visibility on the web, which would result in the overall growth of your business.


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