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The Perfect Font is oh-so-important in Your Logo Design

perfect font in logo

So, you have a company set up that you have put a lot of time and thought over. You have a clear idea what it will be, what it will stand for, what colors and images will represent your company’s personality and now it’s time to select the font. Normally, this is where most companies take a hit because believe it or not, your selection of a font choice for your logo is as important as the rest of the planning process and a lot of companies do not realize that.

The font you use tells the customer about your company’s personality and is a way to promote your brand without the use of a lot of words. Think McDonalds with its bubbly and curvy ‘M’, it works but why? Because its design and the curvy font used for ‘M’ appeals to the kids. Say you design and build houses – selecting a whimsical and flowy font would not pack the same punch as a font that is more sleek and modern.

So now that you have an idea on the importance of selecting the right font for your logo design, let us help you out with a few tips and tricks to help you select the right font for your own logo!

Tip #1: Know your target audience – know who is your company catering to from the age bracket to the gender to their preferences – an insight into your target audience will help you in selecting the perfect font.

Tip #2: Does it go with the logo? Despite spending hours on the design and image of your logo, you find that the font that you used just does not go and does nothing to make the overall logo stand out. So always make sure that the design and font complement each other.

Tip #3: Does it make you squint? The font that you use should be easy to read because hey, if it’s not, then how will the others be able to understand? Think about that.

Tip #4: Play around – take your time and play around because that is what will eventually help you in finding that perfect font.

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