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Do 3D Printers Have A Future In The Industry Of Promo Products?

3d printing design

With the advancement of technology, 3D printers have become quite famous and appeal to consumers, mostly because it allows them to print anything they want and have a 3D version of it. Parents are using it to build DIY projects and toys for their kids at home and then there are designers and engineers who are able to print out a 3D version of their designs and models to see what works and what doesn’t. But when it comes to large-scale printing and its use in the promo products industry, the question arises whether or not it has any future in it or is it just a passing fancy?

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Print Vs Web – What’s The Difference?

Print Vs Web

So you have print designers and then you have web designers but have you noticed how these two are often confused with one another due to their similarities? And while we cannot deny that they are somewhat similar in nature, the following are the ways in which the two are different from each other.

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