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Designers: Here are Top SEO Terms You Need To Know

Top SEO Terms Designers Need to Know

Usually, when it comes to website designers, you would think that they have no link to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). However, having knowledge of SEO is useful because not only does SEO allows visitors to find your website with relative ease using keywords, but that designers are able to optimize their web content.

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Choice of Font Influence on Website Branding

Fonts on Branding

It’s pretty obvious that websites are actually one of the biggest marketing tools for a business. The number of visitors that are converted into actual customers daily speaks highly of a business and its ability to effectively reach out to their target audience through their website. But not all businesses are able to do that – and one of the biggest (and perhaps the most surprising) reasons is the choice of font that has been used on the website.

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10 Steps To Create A Brand Development Strategy

Branding Strategy

A brand with a great brand development strategy does not rely on luck and chance to get results – rather, they invest time and money into researching and gathering as much information as they can about their target audience, competitors and the overall market in which they are doing business in.

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Graphic Design

Free 10 Bold and Beautiful Fonts Top Our Favorite List

beautiful fonts

Have you ever wondered why the front page of every newspapers, magazine, book and even blog posts contain big headlines and why company names on websites are written on big, bold and beautiful fonts? While it may seem like something that is done to make it look pretty, the main purpose of these headlines is to ensure that they catch the attention of the audience and give a preview of what to expect in that particular magazine, newspaper article, book and blog posts.

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Branding Search Engines

How SEO Could Improve Reputation, Rankings, and Revenue for a Business

SEO Reputation Rankings and Revenue

Often times, we tend to think of the internet as a global market place when in reality, it is just as important for local markets. The key here is to build a strong SEO strategy that will help in maintaining and building the three most important and main components that all local businesses are concerned about: Reputation, Rankings and Revenue. But how do you develop a strategy that will help to build these components? The following are the key points that you should look into when developing a SEO strategy for your business.

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Social Network

Upcoming Trends for Social Media Marketing

Social Media Trends

With over 1 billion new users and over 1/3 of the world’s population becoming accessible due to social networks, Social Media Marketing has become a serious contender when it comes to the world of marketing. For years now we have seen companies and brands sticking to the traditional mediums of marketing however, recent reports show that Social Media Marketing has become one of the biggest influencers out there.

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