Snapchat Creates QR codes for Websites

Snapchat Creates QR codes

So it seems that Snapchat has upped their game again with their recent added feature which turns URL’s into “Snapcodes”.

With iOS and Android Beta update of Snapchat released today, users are able to use this unique feature from within the app itself. By creating a Snapcode for a website, users will be able to easily share the URL of any website with other Snapchat users in the form of a QR Snapcode.

To use this feature, a user must have the updated iOS version of the app, from where they can go to “Settings” then select “Snapcodes” and then select the option of “Create Snapcode”. After that, the user will have to add the URL of the website they want to share, select an image form the website or your phone, resize it to fit the ghost logo of Snapchat. The Snapcode will be saved in phone’s camera roll so that you can embed it on social media sites or insert it like a photo.

Users are able to visit that link by taking a picture of the Snapcode using the in-app camera of the Snapchat app and as a security measure, the domain of the sites being linked to will be included in the URL-laden Snapcodes.

While this is an exciting feature for users, it is also exciting for publishers and brands as they can add parameter to a URL in order to track the number of times a link has been visited from the app as Snapchat will be providing in-app analytics for Snapcodes that have been scanned by users att least one hundred times.

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