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Security: Protect Your WordPress Site From Attackers

Protect Your WordPress Site

WordPress is perhaps, one of the most popular and widely used content management systems out there. And though there are other similar CMS out there, such as Joomla and Drupal, what really makes WordPress stand out is its easy to use features which allows the user to easily build a website without any hassle and in a relatively short time compared to others.

However, it is due to its popularity, that WordPress has become such an easy target for hackers. Over the past couple of years, a lot of incidents have been reported about attempts to hack a user’s account on it. Therefore, we are going to share with you some tips on how you can protect your WordPress website from hackers.

Be regular with WordPress updates

Updates are extremely important if you want to keep your website and your data protected from hackers. Did you know that amongst the 11,000 websites that were infected, 75% of them were on WordPress and what’s even more surprising is that 50% of those sites were not updated with the latest version release. So, the first thing that you need to make sure is that you update to the latest version since it protects you, gives you access to the latest features and at the same time, if there are any flaws in security then that is also patched.

Password Protection

We know, you are probably rolling your eyes at this one, mostly because everyone says it. But the fact that everyone says it just goes to show just how necessary it is to make sure that you keep a password that is strong and not one that is easy since attackers can use automated scripts to force their way in and get access to all your data.

Login Attempts

There are plugins that are available which allows you to limit login attempts, so if a hacker is trying to worm his way in to your account, then you can limit the number of login attempts he can make from a specific IP address.


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