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Responsive Web Designing in the Information Age

Responsive Web Design

With the advent of digital age and persistent use of tablets, smartphones, social media websites, it is now important that any website is compatible and adjusts itself according to the resolution of a device. Nowadays more than half of the website is browsed from smart phones and tablets. Actually, a number of mobile devices are twice the population of planet earth. Given this dramatic surge, a number of people who would browse your website from mobile devices is expected to grow with every passing day. If customers would experience any difficulty in viewing your brand’s website, its less likely that they would consider you over other players in the market.

Rise in online shopping

Rise in online shopping

Buying products online are much simpler than driving to any place to shop. It’s, even more, fun when you get to do it on your bed watching TV. It becomes the primary choice for consumers during the holiday season. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you would miss out a huge chunk of your target market willing to spend for your products.

Surge in the social media users

Rise in online shopping

More than half of the marketing is now done through social media because of the ease with which any link could be shared via Facebook, twitter etc. and people generally use smartphones to sign in to their social media account. if your website link has been shared, this would mean a majority of your visitors would access the websites from mobile devices so you ought to have responsive site capable to fit into any type of resolution.

SEO ratings

SEO ratings

Mobile friendly websites could be searched easily by your customers by virtue of having a single URL. Additionally, just because your website is ranked higher on desktop search doesn’t imply that the result would be same when searched via mobile devices. Google search engine uses a different algorithm for mobile devices thus it has become a necessity now to have a responsive web design.

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