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Out With Old – The Hottest Web Design Trends of 2017

Web Design Trends 2017

Nothing tells you more about a company than it’s website but what makes it an even better experience is if it’s designed is pleasing to the eye. That is one of the most important job of any web designer and they are constantly trying to bring new and interesting ways to jazz up websites and at the same time, convey what the site is all about.

Web designing trends are constantly changing and today we bring to you the hottest web design trends for the upcoming year.

Back to the basics

Despite what people may think, content is a crucial part of any website and while that aspect has been neglected the past few years, web designers are now shifting their focus on emphasizing that. Now that doesn’t mean that all the fancy-ness will be gone from websites – it just means that content will be King in the year ahead.

Adding “oomph” with animations and GIFS

Yes, we said that content is king in 2017 but hey that doesn’t mean that we can’t jazz up websites with some animation or add a few GIFS here and there. This year we saw a lot of web designers experiment with animations and using GIFS on their sites and the trend will continue in the year ahead as designers and animators are getting more experimental with them.

Making websites ‘Pop’

With color of course! Many designers are now incorporating a pop of color in their websites to attract and make the site stand out. Edgy art is definitely interesting and is certainly the “it” trend in designing these days and is a fun way to “spark up” a website as long as its used and not abused.

Customization is the key

And the designers have it to unlock some amazing and creative trends. From hand drawn graphics to geometrical shapes to Google Maps customization as well as Microinteractions –all will be featured in the year ahead on websites.
So there you have it – the hottest upcoming trends to expect in web design in the year ahead.

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