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New Year With New Trends In Web Design

Web design trends 2017

Trends change with time and the same applies to web design trends and this year will be no different. The year 2016 saw a lot of change in terms of design and while some were not so readily accepted, there were some that were a huge hit. Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at what 2017 has in store for us and what trends we could see being used.

Content Based Layouts

The year 2016 saw the focus shift on content as compared to other elements on a website. We saw many interesting experiments in this direction, some of which revolved around personalized content recommendations as well as related reads recommendations. Keeping that in mind, a lot of designers will be creating layouts which will focus and highlight content.

More Animations

Yes, we said that content is in the limelight this year but that doesn’t mean that we can’t jazz up websites with some animation or add a few GIFS here and there. Last year we saw a lot of web designers experiment with animations and using GIFS on their sites and the trend will continue in the year ahead as designers and animators are getting more experimental with them.

Colors – Bold and Gradients

Sure a classic black and white look for a website is in demand but hey, it doesn’t hurt to add a pop of color to it either. And that is exactly what designers have realized because they are now incorporating colors and gradients to attract and make the web site stand out.

Big, Bold Type

As the design world focuses on bringing content to the limelight, more and more websites are featuring inspiring copies that are set in type that is bold and as big as the statements itself.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is already being used by people and no doubt that this will be a big part of the web world in 2017. Even if browsers won’t be ready to support it, it will still affect the web in a big way and that is something to definitely watch out for in the year ahead.

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