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Logo Trends Into The New Year

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With the start of a New Year, we see a lot of changes take place and the same applies to the trends in designing or more specifically, logo designing.  Though we see the trends change every year for a logo design, the main philosophy of appealing to the brand and creating brand awareness will always remain. The following are the trends we believe will carry on into the New Year, so all the logo designers out there – here’s a heads up!

Minimalism at its best

Last year, we saw a lot of designers keeping a clean and minimalist approach to logo design. This approach was well received and hence, the same trend will be seen this year as more and more designers take to minimalist’s designs to create the perfect logo.

Negativity Counts

And by that we mean negative spaces of course! A design in which the positive and negative spaces balance each other is always pleasing to the eye and this concept will be at its peak this year. Of course the fact that it’s popular amongst the social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram also help.

Staying in Line

Line art in logos was seen a lot last year and the same trend will be carried into the New Year. Used by brands who wish to portray a fun and modern image, this trend plays with line thickness with only one solid color integrated making the simple and clean lines of the logo are an instant eye catcher.

Keep it Moving

2016 was the year of animation – from web to videos to logo – we saw designers experimenting with animation in their designs. Where many thought that this would be a passing fancy, it seems that this trend is here to stay as more and more designers are incorporating animation into their logos.

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