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Increase SEO Rankings with These 5 Tips

Increase Traffic With SEO

We always hear about how a website is ranked number one and the number of visitors who visit it daily. But do we ever wonder just how these websites were able to receive so many visitors and how they scored the number one position on search engines?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a term that we hear thrown around when it comes to websites and a website which is optimized for search engines is the reason behind it being able to achieve high rankings in the search results. Simply put, SEO helps search engines find and rank websites amongst the millions of other sites when you type a search query.

When it comes to searching for something specific, logo designing for example, a lot of people tend to stick to the first two pages of search results and not go beyond that. The whole point of optimizing our website for the search engine is to ensure that our website shows up in the top search results, thereby increasing the probability of a user clicking on the link to your website and visiting it, resulting in increased traffic on your website.

But how do we make sure that our website ranks high in the search engine? Well, that is what we are going to be looking at more closely. An important thing to remember is that website usability is also a factor which affects SEO ranking. Keeping that in mind, the following are the ways in which you can improve SEO rankings for your website:

  • Remember that search engines are text-driven meaning that in order for your website to rank high then content must be the king. One thing that you must not do is have irrelevant or copied content on the website because that will have a negative effect on the rankings for your website
  • Websites such as Google and Bing take into account the loading speed of a website into their website ranking algorithm. Therefore, ensuring that your website does not take too long to load will go a long to help improve the rankings for your site.
  • Though we said that search engines are text driven, having pictures on the site and inserting keywords for them will go a long way in ensuring better rankings for your site.
  • Ensure that your website is running smoothly and that there are no broken links because search engines tend to take that to mean that the website is neglected and old which can have a negative impact on your SEO ranking.
  • Nowadays, people are always on the go and use their mobile phones for just about everything including surfing websites online. Therefore, making sure that your website is optimized for mobile will help to increase the user experience which in turn will have a positive impact on your SEO rankings.


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