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Hidden Meaning of Famous Logos

Hidden meaning of famous logos

Whenever you go on a drive on a freeway or roaming in any grocery store, you come across logos of various brands through which they are easily identifiable. But did you think about hidden message embedded in them? It’s shocking for many but is a reality. Logos are not randomly selected images rather carries an underline message.

Let’s evaluate logos of some of the prominent brands to find out any hidden meaning:

  • VAIO

Vaio Logo


Apparently, it looks just a random image but a closer peek helps in determining exactly what it is. First two letters are somewhat analog while last two are binary.

  • Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins Logo


They have been able to skillfully depict number of flavors they offer, i.e. thirty-one.

  • Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Logo


The most thoughtful logo would be that of Mitsubishi. Three diamonds and leaves are combined representing Tosa Clan and Iwasaki family respectively. Three diamonds also portray endurance, loyalty and ability to achieve the desired goal and objectives.

  • Amazon

Amazon Logo


Arrow in its logo could be deceiving at first look as it depicts sort of a happy and joyful face. But if you look closely arrow points from A to Z meaning that you could find anything in an amazon store without having to go anywhere.

  • McDonald’s

McDonald's Logo


For once logo doesn’t mean contrary to anything you are seeing. ‘M’ in the logo literally stands for McDonalds. It was changed in 1960’s when Louis a consultant pointed out the unintentional meaning being understood by the customers.

  • Google

Google Logo


The way Google used primary and secondary color is very much meaningful. Four primary colors were followed a secondary color which depicts that they are in the business to set their own rules and would never operate as per any guidelines.

  • Toyota

Toyota Logo

The three-heart shaped sphere in Toyota Logo reflects customers, product and progress they made in their respective industry.

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