Google Employees Protest Trump’s Immigration Ban

google protest rally

It seems that Trump’s ban on immigrants have angered the employees at Google where over 2,000 Google employees rallied against Donald Trump and his executive order, banning immigrants of seven Muslim majority countries from entering the United States, touting signs reading “No ban No wall”, “Nation of immigrants” and “Even introverts are here”.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai and co-founder Sergey Brin were spotted at one of the protests over the weekend and were seen speaking at the rally in Mountain View.

“There are some values that are foundational and you should never compromise on,” said Pichai, a U.S. citizen born in India. “It is core to the founding of this company.”

Brin, whose family immigrated from the Soviet Union during the Cold War, told the crowd how the relationship between the two nations was full of mistrust, “Nevertheless, this country was brave and welcoming,” said Brin, who was six years old when his family moved to the U.S. “I wouldn’t be where I am here today, if it was not for this great country that stood up for liberty.”

Other employees also spoke about their experiences as result of the ban at the rally. Google’s Assistant Product Manager Soufi Esmaeilzadeh shared how she heard about the rumors of the ban when she was on a plane from SFO to Zurich. Concerned, the Iranian born Canadian citizen who has been living in the US for the last 15 years, she relayed how Google flew her home right away when a federal judge ruled in favor of ACLU’s request to hold off implementing the ban.

In his remarks about the protest, Bring mentioned that during the rally, he heard “many really powerful stories” and is appreciative of the efforts of the Google employees.

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