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Do 3D Printers Have A Future In The Industry Of Promo Products?

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With the advancement of technology, 3D printers have become quite famous and appeal to consumers, mostly because it allows them to print anything they want and have a 3D version of it. Parents are using it to build DIY projects and toys for their kids at home and then there are designers and engineers who are able to print out a 3D version of their designs and models to see what works and what doesn’t. But when it comes to large-scale printing and its use in the promo products industry, the question arises whether or not it has any future in it or is it just a passing fancy?

Up until now, most of the companies have been experimenting around with it but so far, none of them has actually adopted a large-scale use of it in their manufacturing. That led us to think exactly how 3D printers will benefit companies in the promo products industry.

Having said that, let’s first take a look at how 3D manufacturing will actually help the promo products industry to grow.

  • Marketers are of the view that since these printers actually compliment traditional development along with manufacturing methods in organizations, it will completely transform the promotional products industry.
  • Perhaps one of the most important benefits that these printers will allow companies is the benefit of customization. A very valuable and key feature that cannot be ignored because companies are able to make custom pieces locally and don’t have to worry about the large quantities of manufacturers.
  • Companies can use these 3D printers to do giveaways, personalized gifts for consumers and use it for other promotional purposes.

However, despite its plus points, there are still some in the industry who believe that the future of 3D print is still unclear.

According to Robert Fiveash, President of Brand Fuel “I’ve talked to some of the larger suppliers and every one of them has a 3-D printer and are experimenting and tinkering with it. But none have actually put something like that into production in any kind of meaningful way to replace importing they typically do from China. At this point, there’s zero chance of 3-D printers mass-producing promotional products. Ten years out, it could be a portion of promotional products sales, maybe 15% to 20%.”

So what does the future hold for 3D printers and the promo products industry? Our verdict? We feel that 3D printers definitely have potential that can provide companies with benefits in the long run especially when it comes down to the promotional products industry.


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