Connection between Explainer Videos and Successful Marketing

Explainer Videos

Have you noticed the change in content sharing? Be it social media or on websites, pictures have taken a backseat to videos – explainer videos to be more specific. A recent study showed that video content has now become the number one source for sharing content, which just goes to show the importance of an explainer video for your marketing campaigns and overall business.

But aside from that, are there any other advantages of creating an explainer video? Well of course there are! There are numerous reasons why these videos are so important, some of which we have shared with you below.

It’s all in the numbers

The recent study by Forbes revealed that 65% of viewers visited a vendor’s website after watching a video by them and that 39% of the viewers called a vendor after watching a work-related online video. These stats are testament to the importance of explainer videos.

Explain your Product or service
People tend to understand a product more when they have someone who can explain its features and benefits. That’s where these videos come in handy because not only are they explaining what the product is all about, they actually show you the product in detail including how to use it, benefits, effects, etc which creates more interest towards a product.

E-mail Marketing

Including explainer videos in e-mail marketing is a great move mainly because it encourages a potential customer to “click” a link which takes them to the landing page of the product. Apart from that, these videos are a great way to increase CTR, as well as improve conversions since videos tend to influence a person more into making a purchase as compared to those who didn’t watch one.


Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of explainer videos is that they are so easy to share because they are so interesting and fun to watch – not to mention short! Therefore, you will find that people willingly “tag” their friends on social media on these videos more as compared to long articles which results in increased awareness about your product or service, thereby increasing the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Instant Results

Have you noticed that when you watch a video, there is a number that shows how many people have already seen the video? The number of viewers helps marketers to assess the number of potential customers that can be converted into actual customers. Apart from that, there are several analytics which analyzes videos and shows you how the product is performing – which is something that you need to know to not only know how well your marketing campaign has been implemented, but what you can do to further enhance your campaign.

An important thing to remember is that whichever explainer video type you choose, you need to ensure that its content presents information in such a way that it reaches out to the target audience and engages them in order for it to be effective.


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