Choice of Font Influence on Website Branding

Fonts on Branding

It’s pretty obvious that websites are actually one of the biggest marketing tools for a business. The number of visitors that are converted into actual customers daily speaks highly of a business and its ability to effectively reach out to their target audience through their website. But not all businesses are able to do that – and one of the biggest (and perhaps the most surprising) reasons is the choice of font that has been used on the website.

It often comes as a surprise to people when they hear that designers are very particular about the font that they use on the site – many people even have a careless attitude towards it. But the typography that you have used on your website can actually have bigger impact than you had originally thought. See, when we think about fonts, we generally refer to Comic Sans, Ariel, Times New Roman, etc. However, these are just the basics – there’s more to typography than this – and that’s what we will be discussing today.  So, get your notebook ready because this is something that you do NOT want to miss out on!


Ever come across a website that had content that was so tiny, you just left out of frustration? That is exactly what will happen if you choose a font size that is too small. Small size fonts can make text harder to read and add strain on the reader’s eyes as well. Therefore, it is essential that you ensure that whatever text you are adding to a website, the size of that should be readable and serve the point. This basically means that if it’s a heading that you are adding, then the size of the text should be large, body copy should be smaller than the size of the heading.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to font size is to go with a font size between 10-14 pixels for a body copy and 16×20 pixels for a heading.


If you have any knowledge at all of fonts, you would know that the selection of typefaces is crucial to providing users with a good online experience using your site. Every typeface is different and thus creates a different impact on the overall website. This is why you need to spend some time and actually think about the impact you want to create on the user, what you want to reflect through the website and the message you want to portray.


The colors actually play a very big part overall in the branding of the website. Your choice of color for the font is something that you need to carefully think about – it should work with the personality of your business. For example, a business that is more consumer oriented tend to have websites that are very chirpy and hence, their fonts have a brighter font color as opposed to a business that is more serious, tend to go with basic black colored fonts.

Apart from that, contrast too plays a crucial part in the overall effect on the website and goes a long way to improve the readability of the user. Example, black font on a white background would be easier to read compared to a light yellow font on a white background.


Here’s something that you might not have considered before when it comes to font – the length of the line of the text. This is something that most designers tend to overlook and that actually influences whether a user will read it or not. Think about it, a line that is too long actually tends to discourage users from reading content compared to a short content.


Most people don’t understand what kerning is and why it matters. Kerning is actually the spacing between your characters, which allows you to see words as different words and not just one big word. For a website to look professional, it is important that the spacing between your texts is even and equal, and which actually helps a user to unconsciously distinguish it from an amateur.

Business owners – a thing to remember is that if you want to appeal to your readers’ emotions, then you must choose a typeface that will reflect that emotion through your website. Once you have completed the content for your site, test run it to see if it works the way you had imagined it and see the result it is producing.


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