Brilliant Billboard Ads That You Need To See

Brilliant Billboard Ads example

How many billboard ads have you seen that you actually remember? That is one of the problems with billboard ads – people either don’t pay attention to them or if they do, they tend to forget them easily. But we are sure that the billboard ads that we are going to share with you in this post won’t be forgotten so easily because of their creativity and concept.

Law and Order: Outdoor Lamp

Law and Order: Outdoor Lamp. We love how the lamp helps to change what might be an ordinary picture of a billboard into an intriguing one.

Ford Mustang: Fast

Ford Mustang: Fast. Constructed from GE Lexan EXL semi-transparent resin, the billboard effectively expresses speed by accurately blurring the scene behind it regardless of day, weather or season.

Anando Milk: Building

Anando Milk: Building. “Considering every child lives in a world of fantasy, the idea was to exaggerate the benefit of milk into almost giving the child superhuman powers.”

DHL: Maze

DHL: Maze.3D billboard with a small, red ball which rolls from point A to B via the shortest route and is transported back to the top via an invisible conveyor belt.

Donatos Pizza

Donatos Pizza: Model Who doesn’t love pizza? But we love this billboard even more because of the way it creatively uses another billboard ad to promote its product.

Donatos Pizza

Frontline: Mall. “The insight – you may be close to your pet but totally blind to flea infestations. Huge 22 sq.meter stickers, across 3 malls crawling with people were used citywide to highlight their leading product range.”


Quitplan: Big Butt. “Our Paul Bunyan sized cigarette should get Minnesotans thinking about quitting smoking in a really big way. With every trip back and forth to the cabin or the casino, smokers will be reminded that is ready to help when they are ready to quit.”

Regional Environmental Awareness

Regional Environmental Awareness: Swimming Pool. We love this ad do think that viewing numbers might be an issue.

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