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Become a Pro At Designing T-Shirts With These Tips

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Custom designed T-shirts, it seems, are all the rage these days and proving to be one of the most popular outlets for creatives. Illustrators, graphic designers and even typographers are all experimenting with designing t-shirts; but it’s not just them that have been experimenting with this medium, rather brands are getting in on the trend as well.

A custom designed t-shirt is a great way to express your creativity and personality to others. For brands, it’s one of the best ways to advertise themselves by placing their company’s logo on the shirt. However, for some people, the thought of designing one might seem like a daunting task but if you keep the following tips in mind, you will become a pro at designing custom t-shirts in no time! Read on below our tips and tricks at designing t-shirts:

  • One of the most important things that you must remember before you begin any design project is to do plenty of research. Since this design project would be concerning t-shirts, it is a good idea to learn about the type of fabric that will be used as well as the different colors that would look good with it.
  • A good tip to remember is to always create a mock up of the design before printing it out and placing it on the t-shirt so that you can have an idea of how the design would look on the actual shirt as well as give you an idea of any adjustments that you need to make before printing the actual t-shirt.
  • While we understand that detail is the king, it is important to remember that too much detail on a t-shirt could result in the design coming across as too busy. Therefore, incorporate details but try to keep it as simple as you can.
  • If it’s a design project for a anyone other than yourself, you want to keep your audience in mind because they are the ones who will be wearing them. So design accordingly, keeping in mind the gender and age of the audience.
  • Keep your humor in check when you are going for humorous designs because you don’t want it to come across as cheap and crass.
  • Use complimentary colors on T-shirt so that your designs look attractive and appealing.
  • Design trends are always changing and therefore, try to stay ahead of the game by studying emerging trends and incorporating them in your designs.
  • Good quality sells and a design will look good if the printer is any good. Therefore, do not cut costs when it comes to printers and always source a good printer who will deliver the quality which will enhance your design.


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