All That You Need To Know About Car Wrap Advertising

car wrap advertising

With marketing companies trying to find new and innovative ways to market brands, one tried and tested method that you have probably seen on the roads is the use of Car Wrap advertising. While the term might be confusing, the concept is pretty simple – advertising your brand or product on a Car. So how is this done and is it a good return on investment for companies? Let’s take a closer look at what exactly is Car Wrap advertising.

A car or vehicle wrap is basically a mobile billboard that is digitally printed and professionally installed on a vehicle. These wraps can either encompass a portion of the vehicle or the entire vehicle – including the windows are an instant eye-catcher due to its graphics and full color. Typically made from heavy duty vinyl, these wraps can last around three to five years.

So are car wraps only for big businesses? No. That is a misconception that small businesses have that car wrap advertising is only beneficial to larger business. The truth is that this advertising method is good for any size business and that it is a good way to legitimize a company and getting people to notice your brand and logo where potential customers can see them. What this does is that it allows smaller businesses to be on the same playing field as large companies and franchises which are large enough to maintain vehicle fleets – hence making a smaller business seem bigger than it really is.

One thing that companies, especially smaller companies with a tight marketing budget, worry whether the advertising they are doing is cost effective. While other types of advertising might be a bit heavy on the budget, for this, the average investment is usually around $1500 – $3000 which includes the wrap material as well as professional installation.

But how do you know that you are actually getting good return on your investment and the advertising is effective? While there is no averages ROI for car wrap advertising, there are ways that you can measure them:

  • Provide a separate phone number that is only advertised on wraps and then keep track of all the calls that come in.
  • Create a landing page for your company’s website and put that URL on the Wrap, making sure to keep it simple so that potential customers are able to remember it.
  • Provide a special deal or discount only on the wrapped vehicle and keep track of that.

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