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5 Tips to Rock Your Facebook Ad Campaign

facebook ad compaign

Are you using Facebook to promote your business and are searching for ways to step up your game? Facebook has proven to be a game changer when it comes to social media marketing and has emerged as the number one platform for businesses to reach out to their target audience in a “social setting”. So it stands to reason that marketing professionals would want to utilize this platform and reap maximum benefits. Therefore, in order to ensure that your social media game is “strong” and that you are able to reach out to a maximum number of people, check out some of the ways how you can create a Facebook ad campaign that will rock!

Targeting through Audience Insights

Same with any other campaign, before you can go ahead with it, you need to understand exactly who it is that you are targeting to and Facebook makes that easy for you. Through its useful Audience Insights feature, you are able to search for potential new customers based on your existing followers and their characteristics along with their interests. This can be done through Ad Manager and clicking on the “Audience Insights” option.Facebook Campaign

From the options that pop up, select “People Connected to Your Page” which will show you various options from which you need to select “Demographics”.

New Audience

This will lead to a drop down menu with several blank fields such as “People Connected to” and “People Not Connected to”. Enter the name of your page again in the “People Connected to” field which will show you the demographics of the audience on your page.


Use this insight to create ads that are more meaningful and directed towards a new target audience for your page or to increase your current audience.

New Audience Targeting Through Like Campaigns

Increasing your audience through like campaigns is also something that businesses do, however, in order to ensure that it is actually effective; you want to exclude your existing audience or the people who like your page already.

This is relatively easy to do and all you need to do is login and click on “Create Ad” in the right top corner of the page. This will show you the option of “Connections” – choose “Facebook Pages” from the drop down menu and select the “Exclude people who like your Page” option.

Facebook Pages

Aligning Landing Page with Ad

One of the most important things that you need to do is ensure that your campaign landing page is aligned with the ad that you are posting on Facebook. This will accomplish two things: one, you will be able to achieve a higher ad relevance score which will allow you to pay less per click. Second of all (and perhaps most important for brand building) is the fact that you will achieve higher conversion rates which will lead to increase in trust amongst your audience.

Testing Different Ad Elements

Created an ad that garnered positive results? You can actually use that ad to create variations of it by changing one element at a time and see which performs best. For example, for the first variant, you can change the heading and see if that works for you by testing it. Once that works, use that ad to reach out to a new audience.

Facebook Ad Sample Test

Geo Targeting

Facebook actually gives you a great advantage when it comes to ads. By including the geographic location of the ads that you are publishing, you are able to really target the specific locations and people you want to provide exposure to your ads to. This is also beneficial for you in monetary terms because it really helps you to save money when it comes to bidding.

A thing to remember is that when it comes to Facebook ads, you really want to experiment with the different audience, split testing along with the placement of the ads in order to achieve maximum results through your Facebook advertising campaign.


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