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5 Mobile SEO Mistakes That You Are Making

Mobile Seo Mistakes

Internet usage trends have greatly changed over the years with people now opting to browse the net on their mobile phones. This has made search engines like Google prioritize websites that are mobile friendly over those that are not mobile friendly. However, we have seen that websites that have a mobile site for their users do end up creating some blunders which negatively affect the overall ranking of their websites. Wondering what these mistakes are? Check them out below.

Takes too long to load

Did you know that 53% of people tend to leave a webpage if it takes more than 3 seconds to load? Google and other search engines actually consider the load speed of the page as an important factor when it comes to ranking websites.  Therefore, making sure that your mobile page does not take too long to load is essential towards the success of your site and ensuring higher rankings on the search engine. You can do that by making sure that:

  • Your website loads in under 3 seconds
  • Resizing and compressing images to cut back on loading time
  • Minimizing the number of redirects and requests


One of the most common mistakes when it comes to SEO and websites is content. The content is the key player when it comes to attracting users and converting leads in to customers and is something that search engines tend to place importance. However, this is also a factor that gets sidelined as most businesses and designers tend to want a more “flashy” and “stunning” website, thus placing more importance on the overall design as compared to the content that is on the site

Content that is unplayable

Thinking of adding different multimedia on your page? Well, before you go ahead with that, you need to take into consideration how that will affect the loading speed of your site as well as how it will playback across the different devices. Another thing that you also need to consider is adding a transcript of the video you are adding on your page. Since search engines can read only text content, any video that you have on your site will not really help you with the rankings, unless you include a transcript. This will also prove to be beneficial for those users who need closed captioning.

Mobile viewport not specified

Every mobile phone comes with a different shape and screen size therefore it is important that you are using the correct viewport meta tag. If you don’t use them correctly, then the page will not fit perfectly which will affect the viewer’s ability to view the page.

Faulty redirect links

Websites that haven’t been optimized for mobile often face issues when it comes to redirecting a website. One of the problems that a user faces is that being a mobile user, they should be redirected to a mobile site instead of landing on your desktop site. Also, making sure that despite the device they are using, all mobile users should be served the same content.

Remember that with changing trends, it is important to keep your website updated regularly and the same applies to a mobile website. Staying updated and integrating SEO strategies will ensure that your site will attract a higher number of users, increase in conversions and higher engagement which will result in better ratings.


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