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4 Mobile App Design Trends You Need To Follow In 2017

Mobile Apps Design Trends 2017

With the increased use of mobile applications in phones, businesses are relying on them heavily to increase their customer base and creating awareness. But mobile apps only manage to work in favor of a business if it has been designed properly. A poorly designed mobile app can not only hamper the user experience but also manage to annoy them which actually creates a negative impact on the overall image of the business.

Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the app design trends that designers would be implementing on mobile applications this year and that you should definitely follow.

Interesting new gestures

Gestures and animations that are used in apps actually do a lot for attracting and retaining users and the year 2017 will prove to be a turning point for apps in this aspect. You will see mobile apps being updated with new and interesting gestures which will provide an overall pleasing shopping and search experience.

Technology you can wear

We have already seen this trend being adapted in the form of Apple watches which already has several compatible apps. And starting from this year, we will be seeing a lot of changes when it comes to gadgets in the field of fitness sensors and sports oriented gadgets, which would be paired to mobile apps for data storage.


While designers haven’t paid as much attention to the typography which is used on mobile apps, this too will change. With typography gaining importance with designers, focus would be on the spacing between letters and headlines along with patterns in order to enhance the user experience.

Material Design

By creating a visual language with basic designing principles along with innovative and new technology, designers will be focusing more on improving the overall experience and ensuring that the users would be able to easily operate the mobile applications on different mobile platforms.


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