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10 Work Habits of Professional Logo Designers!

10 Habits of Logo Desiger

The distinction between graphic and logo designers is somewhat confusing to many as both are associated with designing profession. The difference lies in the extent of information that could be extracted from any logo as it would depict the reason for being of any brand. The first thing that pops up in mind while pondering any business is its logo. It’s one aspect that could make your brand stand out among rivals and being an advertiser you really would want only highly gifted minds to work on it. So, what differentiates one logo designer to another becomes a billion-dollar question. The following are the ten working habits that you should look for in a logo designer:

  • Research savviness

Ability to not only extract the required information but also incorporating it in your work is a hallmark of a good logo designer. A logo is reflective of company’s values, mission and vision so without understanding it, there is no point going ahead with designing phase.

  • Info regarding target market

Understanding lifestyle, norms, and living habits of client’s customers would certainly help. A logo should be reflective of prevalent cultural trends.

  • Record keeping

Logo designer always keeps a record of all the work done even if it is disregarded by the client as it might help in predicting thought process of client down the road.

  • Ability to meet the deadline

Although sufficient time should be taken before finalizing any logo, no questions should be asked if a client is not willing to give additional time.

  • Keeping it simple yet creative

It’s a key to logo designing but should not be a hindrance to creativity.

  • Ability to focus

Having a focused approach is an integral part of designing process

  • Sample testing

A good logo designer always asks for opinion or feedback before finalizing any design

  • Clarity

Making sure that letters embedded in design are clear is also an important aspect.

  • An understanding of contemporary society

Logo designer would be well versed with the society he lives in.

  • Openness to any new idea

Being receptive always helps so is generally willing to listen to any new idea.

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