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10 Ways To Increase Your Social Media ROI

Social Media ROI

Social media has really changed the way we interact with one another these days, especially when it comes to big companies and brands. Before the emergence of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more; our main form of interaction with these brands were mostly through advertising mediums such as television, billboards, brochures, etc. However, now we are able to not only communicate with brands but also interact with them and build a community of people and share our ideas as well as provide our feedback to them.

But of course, this too does have its drawback because since everyone is using social media these days, it seems that companies have lost their creativity and element of uniqueness which has resulted in social media to become sort of stagnant on providing increased ROI. Therefore, it has become necessary to take measures that will help to not only increase ROI but also increase customer engagement.

Having said that, let’s take a look at how companies could increase their social media ROI:

  1. It isn’t easy to always come up with fresh and original content, therefore instead of not posting at all on social media, try sharing relevant content in the form of articles, blogs or even infographics.
  2. Don’t be boring – rather think differently and come up with catchy slogans, taglines and captions that would help to engage your audience.
  3. More than text, infographics love visual content mainly because people tend to prefer them over plain text. Hence, posting visual content in the form of videos, clip arts and images would go a long way in increasing your social media ROI.
  4. Each social media site has its own purpose and has its own set of audience as well. Therefore, it’s imperative that you first understand your social media channel and then post relevant content on it.
  5. Knowing when to post is just as important as what to post. The reason being that during the day, there are times when people are more active, hence perfecting the timing of your post is just as crucial when it comes to increasing social media ROI.
  6. Using bloggers with a loyal following as influencers for your company are a great way to build a larger community and following on your social media.
  7. Build a larger community on social media by sharing your story with your audience instead of using marketing gimmicks, which might attract people for a while but won’t really hold their attention after some time.
  8. Be consistent on social media – this basically means that have an established posting pattern instead of posting a few days and then disappearing for days at a time.
  9. Your focus should not be on garnering immediate results rather, your focus should be on long term results.
  10. Last but certainly not the least, focus on engaging your audience with creative content because in the end, having an audience that is loyal will be the only way to ensure that you see an increase on your social media ROI.


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